Group Services & Information


A Time For Men Trauma Therapy Groups

We offer a 12 week phase one recovery group for men who have  experienced sexual abuse and are looking to recover with the support of other men who have endured similar histories.  The group is facilitated by an experienced registered psychotherapist.

The phase II group is open to individual men who have participated in phase I at the recommendation of the therapist.  The group will also be open to others who have participated in some group work through other trauma support groups.

On Going Intake

Groups will run throughout the year, and intake will be done at the end of each 12 week group.  Referrals will be accepted and placed on a waiting list until the next session.  All participants must attend an in person assessment prior to being offered a spot in a group.


There is no cost to men wishing to participate in either phase I or II groups!

Big News

On January 2nd/2019, Lynne MacDonell & Associates became Bloor West Psychotherapy.  After many years of service to the trauma recovery community, Lynne has retired and is enjoying life by the lake.  We will continue to offer quality trauma recovery services and therapy in the same location.

Group Participants Weigh In:

~   “I’m a lifelong solo therapy guy. I’d never even considered group  therapy before. Naturally, I was skeptical at first. But after a few  weeks, I began to understand the group’s strengths. When one of us  stumbles — and we all stumble now and then -- we help that person get  back on his feet again, usually in the same session. I’m flat-out  floored by the power that we are able to generate as a group, and in the  ways we learn to care for ourselves and each other. That daunting group  power stays with me, and resonates, and makes me feel safe and  protected, even between group sessions. I’m grateful that this group  exists. I’m not sure what I’d be doing without it." -Scott, Toronto 


~   "Even 40 years later, the trauma of being sexually abused as a child  left me struggling with anger, depression, self abuse and addictions.  Solo therapy helped, but I still felt very alone and ashamed. That shame  kept me from sharing and exploring my true feelings around my abuse and  my unhealthy coping mechanisms. No matter how hard you try, you'll  never heal what you’re still hiding. My therapist kept suggesting this  Tuesday Male Survivors Group run by Craig Bolton and I finally gave in.  It remains the best choice I ever made for my own recovery. Simply  knowing I was not alone was so powerful. The group has given me the  strength to share openly, without shame. Some weeks Craig guides us  through topics such as healthy boundaries or toxic masculinity; on weeks  where a group member is struggling with a specific issue, we focus on  that, together. There’s never any judgement. More often than not, many  of the other members will nod along with you - they’ve been there too,  and they’re happy to tell you “Here’s what helped me get through that...”  To say this group saved my marriage, or my life, is not an  exaggeration. I leave that room every week feeling better for having  been there.” - Terry