Treatment for men who have troubling desires

Dual History Group

Men who have criminal charges of a sexual nature or have unhealthy sexual interest in minors often find it difficult to find help to address both their own childhood trauma and to work towards correcting their unhealthy sexual desires.  Bloor West Psychotherapy provides a safe place to address these issues concurrently in group therapy.  The group runs for 12 consecutive weeks, covering many topics that guide group members towards recovery in both of these areas.  There are fees associated with this group.  Please call or email for more details.

Individual Psychotherapy for men with legal consequences & sexual behaviour

Men who have experienced criminal charges because of their sexual behaviour, or men who have risky sexual behaviour can experience positive change through therapy.  Please contact me directly to discuss your unique situation in a safe and confidential manner.  Regular rates apply to therapy sessions.

Duty to report

As part of a regulated profession, therapists have a legal duty to report disclosed harm to a child that has not been dealt with before the courts.  Additionally, if individuals express a sexual interest in minors and report to have access to minors, there is also a duty to report this to the proper authorities.  Both the dual history group and the individual psychotherapy are provided in the interest of child abuse prevention.